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Understanding Bid Request

Hello, aspiring explorers! Have you ever questioned how those adverts arrive on your favorite websites seemingly out of nowhere? It’s not magic at all; it’s a thing called a “Bid Request.” We’re going to explore the interesting world of bid requests today and discover how they function.

What Is a Bid Request?

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Think about trying to find the ideal customer for a wonderful toy you have to sell. You must inform everyone that you are selling it in order to do that. Websites want to sell some ad space in the digital world, and advertisers want to buy it so that their adverts will appear there. A bid request is comparable to the unique message websites send to advertisers informing them that they have available advertising space. Who would like to buy it?

How Real-time Bidding Works?

Let’s now examine how everything works in real-time, which is to say, really quickly.

Step 1: A user accesses a website

A website selects whether to display adverts when you visit, such as when you browse new games or cartoons online. The advertisers receive a bid request that has been produced.

Step 2: The bid request travels in

The advertisers who might be interested receive this bid request. It’s similar to inviting potential customers to your toy store.

Step 3: Advertisers place bids in

After receiving the bid request, advertisers choose the price they’re ready to pay to have their adverts displayed on that website. The advertisement is seen to the highest bidder. All of this occurs quite quickly, like in a split second.

Step 4: Ad Appears

You see the winning advertiser’s ad because it displays on the website you’re now on.

Why Should You Care?

Okay, then why should you care about bid requests as a young website visitor? There’s a small secret you should be aware of, though.

Unpleasant people occasionally attempt to enter the world of bidding and steal information about you. They can discover information about you, including your home address, age, and even the websites you’ve visited. You agree that’s not cool.

This occurs as a result of the information in bid requests about the website and its users. So, in order to protect your information, it’s crucial to understand how everything works.

What Kind of Information Does a Bid Request Have?

Requests for bids resemble letters with critical information within. What might be found in one is as follows:

  • Bid ID: A unique code used to reference the bid request.
  • Impression: This lets marketers know how frequently their ads will appear on the page.
  • Device: Details about the gadget you’re using, such as your laptop or phone.
  • Website: If it’s a webpage, information about the website will be included in the bid request.
  • Application: If it’s an app, information on that is also available.
  • User: Please enter your details, including your age, gender, and interests.
  • Extension: Anything extra that could be significant to advertising.

Keep in mind that not all bid requests contain the same data, and some persons employ technologies to protect the privacy of their information.


Therefore, young explorers, there you have it! The exchange of bid requests between websites and advertisers enables them to display you interesting advertisements. However, you also discovered how important it is to safeguard your information.

Although the world of bids and advertisements might be thrilling, it’s also critical to understand how it all functions. We will develop methods to increase technology’s safety as it advances. Keep exploring and having fun online until then!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What does a bid request contain?

A bid request includes crucial characteristics about the ad space on a website, such as the number of ads that may be displayed and information about the visitor (such as their age and interests).

Q2. How do you make a bid request?

Websites create a specific message with all the information about the ad space they wish to sell in order to make a bid request. After that, they distribute it to potential marketers.

Q3. What is the purpose of a bid?

A bid is similar to a contest. To purchase something, like ad space on a website, people or businesses submit bids. The winning bidder gets to display their adverts and wins.