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What Ad Formats Do Users Prefer & What Drives Engagement

Choosing the proper ad format is a critical piece of the puzzle that is digital advertising. But what exactly is an ad format, and why is it important? In this blog article, we’ll look at the various ad formats available and see which ones users favor and what generates engagement.

What is Ad Format?

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An ad format is the manner in which an advertisement is displayed. Text, photos, videos, and interactive elements are examples of this. Advertisers have numerous ad formats to choose from, each designed to fulfill a certain purpose. Here are a few examples of the most prevalent types:

1. Banner Ads: These are the graphical advertisements that you frequently see at the top or bottom of a webpage.

2. Video Ads: These are advertisements that appear in video content and can play before, during, or after the video.

3. Native Ads: These ads are designed to blend in with the surrounding content and frequently appear as sponsored pieces.

4. Text Ads: These are simple text-based links that might show on search engine results pages or on websites.

5. Pop-Up Ads: Ads that open in a new window, frequently in response to user input.

6. In-Stream Ads: Video advertisements that appear while streaming content, such as on YouTube.

7. Rich Media Ads: Ads with interactive components like games or animations.

8. Social Media Ads: Advertisements that appear on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

9. Mobile Ads: Ads made exclusively for mobile devices.

What Users Prefer

Now that we understand what ad types are, let’s look at which one’s users prefer:

1. Facebook Ads: Because they are less obtrusive and may be highly targeted based on demographics, interests, and behavior, native ads on Facebook are popular.

2. Funny commercials: Users enjoy commercials that make them laugh, as this creates an emotional connection that can lead to engagement.

3. Relevant Ads: Ads that are relevant to the interests and requirements of people are more likely to be seen. Men, for example, prefer commercials on technology and sports, but women prefer ads about fashion, beauty, and travel.

4. Retargeted advertisements: Surprisingly, users dislike retargeted advertisements, which track them throughout the internet and present adverts for things they’ve previously looked at. This advertising can be annoying and make people feel as if they are being monitored.

Which Ad Formats Drive Engagement?

So, what are the most effective ad formats for increasing engagement? Let us investigate:

1. Video Ads: These are highly engaging and have a greater click-through rate than other ad forms.

2. Interactive Ads: Interactive ads, such as quizzes or polls, encourage participation and can lead to better engagement.

Native ads can be more engaging than typical banner ads because they do not disrupt the user experience.

4. Social Media advertising: Because social media platforms have such a large user base, this advertising can be extremely targeted and effective in increasing engagement.

5. Incentivized Ads: These ads provide a clear advantage to the user by offering a reward, such as a discount code, in exchange for engagement.


To summarise, the world of ad formats is large and varied, and selecting the appropriate one can make or break your advertising campaign. Users prefer advertising that is humorous, relevant, and non-intrusive, and formats such as video, interactive, and native ads are excellent at boosting interaction.

When it comes to ad formats, keep in mind that there is no one-size-fits-all solution. The goal is to identify your target demographic, experiment with several forms, and determine which works best for your campaign.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is the ad format in simple words?

The structure and layout of an advertisement, comprising elements like as text, graphics, videos, and interactive features, is referred to as an ad format.

Q2.Which ad format is best?

There is no single “best” ad style because ad performance is determined by a variety of factors such as target audience, platform, and campaign purpose.

Q3. What are the two main ad formats in Google Display Ad Campaign?

The two most common ad formats in Google Display Ad Campaigns are –

A) Ads for Responsive Display

B) Ads that have been uploaded