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Amazon Publisher Services: A Comprehensive Guide

Amazon Publisher Services is a complete cloud-based suite that assists publishers in monetizing and growing their digital enterprises. It provides a variety of services, such as server-side header bidding solutions such as Transparent Ad Marketplace (TAM) and Unified Ad Marketplace (UAM), as well as Shopping Insights. Let’s take a closer look at Amazon Publisher Services and what it has in store for publishers.

Services Offered by Amazon for Publishers

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Transparent Ad Marketplace (TAM)

TAM is an enterprise publisher-focused server-side header bidding system. It includes capabilities such as direct Amazon demand and interaction with other publisher-partnered Supply-Side Platforms (SSPs). TAM supports dynamic display banners and pre-roll video on desktop and mobile web, however in-app display and video units require further SDK integration.

Key Features of TAM

– 20+ Amazon Marketplace demand partners, including AppNexus, OpenX, RubiconProject, and SpotX.

– Publishers can enable and disable any bidder from the APS interface without having to modify the website code each time.

– To create transparent reports, Amazon records auction time periods, bidders, bid CPMs, and winners. The only technical requirement is active interaction with Amazon Publisher Services’ multi-slot header bidding tag.

Unified Ad Marketplace (UAM)

UAM is a server-side header bidding solution for small and medium-sized publishers. It addresses common header bidding integration issues like managing multiple contracts and fragmented reports. Under one panel, the UAM dashboard tracks all of the publishers’ earnings from multiple bidders.

Benefits of UAM

– A single contract and integration functionality that allows you to deliver ads from multiple demand partners, including Amazon.

– By integrating a single code to the website and managing bidders from the Amazon dashboard, publishers can avoid repeated modifications to website code.

– UAM is an invitation-only plan that guarantees exclusivity.

Difference Between Amazon TAM and UAM

Both TAM and UAM rely on server-to-server header bidding, although they handle publishers’ interactions with SSPs differently. TAM is largely for large publishers who have directly signed contracts with SSPs, whereas UAM is intended for mid-sized publishers and administers contracts with SSPs on their behalf. This distinction is mirrored in how Amazon handles payments for both services.

Shopping Insight

buying Insight combines a publisher’s website data with Amazon’s customer information to assist publishers in understanding their consumers’ buying habits. This service is useful for publishers since it allows them to exhibit their customers’ shopping habits and develop better-tailored content. It is based on first-party data and is available to US publishers who have desktop and mobile websites with more than 5,000 unique visitors per day and use Transparent Ad Marketplace.

How to Get Started With Amazon Publisher Services

To begin, publishers must complete the Contact Form on the Amazon Publisher Services page. After that, an Amazon representative will contact them to go over the details. It’s crucial to remember that not all publishers can use Amazon Publisher Services—it all depends on the publisher’s size, specialty, and geography.

Who Can Work With Amazon Publisher Services?

Amazon Publisher Services is available to large and mid-sized publishers. Smaller publishers, on the other hand, may not find it fit. Large publishers who want to use TAM must have contractual agreements with demand partners, whereas mid-sized publishers can use UAM, which is an invite-only network.

Bonus: Amazon vs. Google

Despite the fact that Amazon is still relatively new to the advertising market, its quick development indicates that it has established itself as a formidable rival. While Google continues to lead in programmatic advertising and overall performance, Amazon’s eCommerce offering has resulted in a 10% conversion rate for marketers, compared to 3.75% for Google. As a result, a growing number of advertisers are sending their search money to Amazon.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is Transparent Ad Marketplace?

 A:  TAM is a server-side bidding option for publishers that is similar to Google’s open bidding. It enables digital ad marketplaces to collaborate with larger publishers via affiliates.

Q2. What is APS Amazon?

A: Amazon Publisher Services (APS) offers solutions designed by Amazon to assist publishers in increasing income while minimizing latency. It provides free direct access to programmatic buyers.

Q3. What is a publisher service?

 A: Amazon Publisher Services (APS) offers solutions designed by Amazon to assist publishers in increasing income while minimizing latency. It provides free direct access to programmatic buyers.