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All About TURTLEDOVE and SPARROW(Privacy Sandbox APIs)

Let’s discuss something called TURTLEDOVE and SPARROW today. These may appear to be bird names, but they aren’t! They are specific tools used on the internet to protect personal information as we browse websites. But, before we get there, let’s go over some fundamentals.

Privacy Sandbox APIs

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Have you ever wondered how your computer or phone has so much information about you? When we use the internet, small pieces of information about us, such as what we like to look at or buy, are collected. But, don’t we sometimes not want everyone to know everything about us? This is when Privacy Sandbox APIs come into play.

Privacy Sandbox APIs are superheroes for our data. They ensure that our information is secure as we browse websites. They operate as a shield, keeping our data safe and secure on our own devices, where no one else can view it.

You can think of it like having a secret diary that only you can read, and even if someone tries to peek, they won’t be able to understand what’s written inside!


One of these unique gadgets is TURTLEDOVE. It works like a magic wand, allowing advertisers to show us adverts without knowing too much about us.

Consider yourself on a website that sells shoes. You may then see an advertisement for that shoe store when visiting another website. This is because TURTLEDOVE allows advertisers to show us things we might be interested in without knowing every aspect about us.

TURTLEDOVE, on the other hand, has a nice trick up its sleeve. Instead of making decisions about which advertisements to show us on a large, distant computer, it makes those decisions immediately on our own computer or phone. In this manner, our data stays with us rather than traveling across the internet.

What are Interest Groups?

TURTLEDOVE has what are known as interest groups. These are groups of people who share similar interests. For example, if you enjoy video games, you may belong to an interest group with other video game enthusiasts.

Advertisers use interest groupings to show us adverts that we might be interested in. If you belong to a video game interest group, you may see advertisements for new video games or gaming gear.

But keep in mind that even if you’re in an interest group, advertising won’t know who you are. It’s like being a member of a secret society where everyone wears masks and no one knows who’s who!

Major Objectives of TURTLELOVE

TURTLEDOVE has a few key objectives:

1. You have the option of seeing advertisements for websites you’ve previously visited.

2. TURTLEDOVE will explain why you’re seeing specific advertisements.

3. You can unsubscribe from an interest group if you no longer wish to receive those advertisements.

4. Advertisers and websites will not know which websites you visit, and websites will not know which interest groups you belong to.

Problems with TURTLEDOVE

TURTLEDOVE, while enjoyable, is not without flaws. One issue is that it makes our computers or phones work harder since they must make several decisions concerning advertisements. There are also unanswered questions about how it will function with things like ad testing and ensuring advertising is safe and suitable.


Because TURTLEDOVE had significant difficulties, another instrument known as SPARROW was developed. SPARROW is a wise parrot who assists TURTLEDOVE by making adjustments.

Instead of our computer or phone making all of the decisions, SPARROW advises that a special assistant known as a “gatekeeper” assist. This gatekeeper would act as a wise old owl, ensuring that everything is fair and secure.

Additional Objectives of SPARROW

SPARROW has various other objectives:

1. Advertisers can have greater control over their adverts while maintaining their privacy.

2. Advertisers and websites can ensure that ads are safe and that they are being properly billed.

3. Our website experience will not be hindered because our computer or phone will not have to make as many selections.

What’s more, guess what? SPARROW goes beyond retargeting (showing us advertising for things we’ve already looked at). It can also help with other forms of advertisements!

Is SPARROW perfect?

SPARROW, despite its intelligence, has some flaws. One difficulty is that people are unsure whether they can rely on the “gatekeeper” to keep our information secure. And for now, there aren’t many companies that can act as a good gatekeeper.

However, the creators of SPARROW state that it is a work in progress, and they hope that it will assist the ad business in finding a viable solution that respects our privacy and offers us control over our data.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1. What is Google’s Privacy Sandbox?

Google’s Privacy Sandbox is a project that attempts to enable publishers and advertisers to show us advertising and analyze how well they’re doing while protecting our privacy.


TURTLEDOVE is a tool in the Privacy Sandbox that assists advertisers in showing us adverts based on our interests without invading our privacy. It implies that decisions regarding which advertising to display should be made on our computers or phones in order to keep our information safe.

Q3. What is SPARROW?

SPARROW is an extension of TURTLEDOVE. It implies that rather than our computer or phone, an independent “gatekeeper” should assist in ad decision-making. This helps to preserve our privacy while also making the advertising industry more visible and controlled.