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A Simple Guide to Video Ad Monetization

Hello, friends! Today, we’ll be discussing something quite interesting called Video Ad Monetization. Doesn’t that sound a little complicated? Don’t worry, I’m here to explain everything to you in simple terms. Let’s get started!

What is Video Ad Monetization?

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Making money from video commercials is the goal of video ad monetization. Do you know those adverts you see on the internet before, during, or after watching a video? Those are video advertisements! When people see these advertisements, the individual who posted the video online can profit. This is known as Video Ad Monetization.

Why are Video Players Important?

Video players are similar to the magic box that displays the video and advertisements. They are extremely significant since they allow us to see movies and advertisements on the internet. Some advertisements, such as in-stream advertisements, can only be viewed with a video player. So you can’t watch those commercials unless you have a video player!

How Can People Make Money with Videos?

There are a few cool ways people can make money with videos:

1. Ad-Based Video on Demand (AVOD): This is when people place advertisements in their videos and allow you to watch them for free. They get money from the advertisements, and you get to watch interesting films for free!

2. Affiliate Deals: These are transactions in which people earn money by promoting the products of others. For example, they may display a video of a toy and receive compensation if you purchase the toy through their link.

3. Paywall Content: This is when people charge a fee to watch their films. It’s similar to purchasing a movie ticket.

4. Premium Membership: This is when you are asked to pay a monthly charge in order to view as many videos as you desire. It’s like getting a VIP access to all the exciting stuff!

Top Video Players for Medium and Large Publishers

1. Brightcove: This is a fantastic video player that allows individuals to include advertisements in their films. It’s highly user-friendly for video creators, and it even helps them figure out which advertising performs best!

2. Brid.TV: Another excellent option! It’s really simple to use and allows people to include various types of advertisements in their films.

3. JW Player: This popular player has been around for a long time. It allows users to show adverts without any delays and provides them with a variety of fascinating features.

4. Ooyala: This player is utilized by a number of large corporations. It’s quite elegant and can do a lot to assist folks in showing advertisements in their films.

5. Video.js: This player is free and simple to use. It’s ideal for folks who are just starting out and wish to include advertisements in their videos.

How to Choose the Best Video Player?

Choosing the best video player can be a bit tricky, but here are some things to think about:

1. Google IMA SDK Integration: If the individual creating the video is using Google Ad Manager, they may want a player that is compatible with it.

2. VAST and VPAID Compliance: These are similar to the secret languages used by video players and ad servers to communicate with one another. It’s advantageous to have a player that is fluent in these languages.

3. Customizable: It’s excellent when the video player can be altered to appear and function exactly how the person creating the video wishes.

four. formats There are various forms of advertising, such as pre-roll ads that appear before a video. It’s useful to have a player that can display all of these distinct forms of advertisements.

Advantages of Video Ad Monetization for Publishers:

Let’s take a look at some of the interesting things that happen when people use video advertising to make money:

1. Broaden Your Audience: Because they are free, consumers like to view films with advertisements. This implies that more people will see the videos, and the individual who creates them will earn more money!

2. Revenue Maximisation: Because people spend a lot of money on video commercials, there’s a good likelihood that the person generating the films will make a lot of money.

3. Improved User Experience: Video advertising might be less unpleasant because they can be skipped or placed at appropriate periods in the video. This makes individuals pleased and increases their likelihood of watching the films.

4. Access to Premium Advertisers: By employing video ads, the individual creating the videos has the opportunity to deal with extremely good advertisers who may not be interested in other sorts of commercials. This means they’ll be able to make even more money!


There are numerous video players available, but the ideal one for you depends on your requirements. When selecting a video player, keep speed, support, configurable features, and ad formats in mind.

AdPushup’s ad monetization solutions might assist you in making more money from your videos. They feature cutting-edge technology and skilled support to help you make more money from video ads.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How do I monetize my videos with ads?

You can add ad code from platforms such as Google AdSense or YouTube Partner Programme to your video player. commercials will then appear before, during, and after your videos, and you will get paid based on how many people watch or click on the commercials.

Q2. What types of ads can I display in my videos?

Pre-roll advertisements (before the video), mid-roll ads (during the video), post-roll ads (after the video), and overlay ads (over the video) are all options.

Q3. How much can I earn from video ad monetization?

Many factors influence this, including how many people view or click on the advertising, the sort of adverts, the ad network you employ, and the topic of your video. Some people are extremely wealthy, while others are not. It’s all up to you!